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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Birthday Present I Never Received

My birthday fall on 16th of March... That was like weeks ago?

A week before that, I tried not to remind myself too much of my birthday.
I dont want to get too excited :)

I did wonder sometimes what type of presents would I receive this year.
Then I thought of Him.

Would he give me something for my birthday?
Then my mind started to wander a bit too far.
A few moments later I realized I should stop this nonsense because it is highly impossible that he would buy me anything.

But I just couldn't stop. Just daydreaming of him wishing me happy birthday through text message already made me excited.
I was so enthusiastic.

but again, i tried to not think to much about this.

And later... that day came.
I was showered with birthday wished through Facebook and text messages :)

Mama and Abah gave me hugs, wishes and of course presents!

But I was waiting since 12.00 am and I have not receive any birthday wish from Him. I was frustrated. I wasn't enjoying myself on my birthday.

I felt like saying to Mama, "Ma, i dont feel like celebrating my birthday. Can we like postpone it or something?".


You can say it was the worst birthday ever :/

I was thinking the whole day (birthday) about what I wanted from Him for my birthday and I realized what I want wasn't a birthday present but a simple birthday wish from him...and maybe some "passionate" flying kisses. hehe >w<

Oh well... Its almost April... Its already too late if he wants to give the birthday present I've wanted from Him :/

Lalala... Dooodollsssssss... Burrrr~~ *random words


:: apis :: said...

awww...sabar k?
btw,,,message dlam gambar 2 kinda cute, ^^,hehe

hypersyaza said...

hehe >w<

AnisAmirahTermizi said...

ingatkan awk nak cite pasalhadiah yang kite bagi tu

faradibanati said...

ahahah.. sian anis.. comel la lukisan 2... alaa. lek ah.. ntah2 die shy ke nk ucp


hypersyaza said...

ala anis... kan tajuk dia "a birthday present i never received"..

awk kan dah bagi kita...tak sabar nk rasmikan >w<

org tu bkn malu la farah... kteorg ade problem

faradibanati said...

oh ye ke? mybe he needs time..


Hidayah Sazali said...

coomel gilaa! xD

hypersyaza said...

oh terima kasihhh... saya mmg comel ;D