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Thursday, May 20, 2010

This is Goodbye???

Okay, I wont say goodbye since that word doesnt pleased Anis much... (she hated it!)

Anyway... I'm have to say goodbye to the life I had in this house. After this, I won't have much leisure than before. I'll have to do my own laundry... AND OTHER CHORES THAT I DIDN'T HAVE TO DO BEFORE!

That (leisure) is what that really hard to let go... I'll need to work hard after this and it really make me worried because I'm scared that I might couldn't cope with the lifestyle as a student studying in university.

Bla bla bla...

Other than that, I'm still have to say goodbye to my other friends because we wouldn't be seeing each other for some time...(except for Adibah. She will see my face almost everyday. Haha)

So... Goodbye everyone... I will miss you guys... really I will...


It's already 30 past 1... (betul ke aku sebut tu??)

Oh my hair is extra soft today... (merepek je aku ni)

anyway.. I was busy packing my stuff and cleaning up my room a bit. I don't want to leave my room in a mess. Hmm...

....I thought I want to start writing a diary-sorta-journal so that I can record what happen in my life there... I found an old exercise book that I used as diary when I was in Form2... When I read it back... Well, lets just say there's a lot of guy's names in there.


Oh, I've also found this small notebook that have some drawings in it. I think I drew them back in the year 2006 too. Haha.

Haha ORANG LIDI!!!!!

p/s: ni la post paling merepek bulan nih.


Amigas said...


Diaries said... kot kartun tu...n bye2 syaza..all da best kat sn!! jge diba leklok gak..hahaha..papepon. korg jg diri msg2 leklok..huhu..sedihnye! huhu..bubye!!