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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hand-Made Clothes *Get prepared, Bella!

I meant Hand-Made Clothes for dolls!!! (well, sewing machine was also used)
haha. Seriously these doll clothes are really impressive.
I feel really jealous myself because why they didn't make it in human size!!

This is a Dress based on Alice in Wonderland. So~ Cute!

Swimsuit vintage style x.x

This is my favourite!!
The doll itself is beautiful. O.O

...err... not so interested.

Frankly, this post is already saved as draft weeks ago.
Until today, I just feel that it isn't the time yet to post this.
I thought I want to wait until I've make a doll clothes myself, but I was so caught up with something else that I really couldn't make one. Hehe..

By the way, I dedicated this post to my friend, Bella since she likes Barbie doll so much. Haha


Diaries said...

bella mmg ske sgt barbie ni..
well,baju2 dia sume lawa2 terutama dress..

(x sgka ckp mcm ni sbb kte x minat barbie)

tapi syaza doll kat atas tu mmg seksi..hehe


syazaza ;] said...

tau xpe. seksi gler.. haha

kte sbenarnye minat doll.. tp as perhiasan.

Amigas said...

yg seksi tu, muka dia cntikk sgt
weh buat la byk baju saiz barbie
bg muat
srius kte sggup beli!

syazaza ;] said...

haha. ok cik bella... huhu

Anonymous said...

apa yang saya cari, terima kasih