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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rabit is really dead??

I still can't accept the fact that RABIT is really dead.
When he went missing and never come home for about a few days I never thought he would died, I just thought maybe he went flirting somewhere around the neighbourhood.
I even went looking for him with my two little brothers.

And yesterday, my maid searched for the source of a bad smell like a rotten body at the back of the house. The truth was finally revealed, the smell came from Rabit's body.

I wasn't that shocked but rather speechless and so were my two little brothers. We went inside the house and sat on the sofa. The atmosphere was silent and after a few minutes, I heard Amin (2nd bother) sobbing. It was a surprise because i never expected him to cry. Then my heart started to feel heavy and a few drops of tear came out of my eyes. After that, I heard my other little brother, Aman, crying.

Mama wasn't at home at that time. She went to send my eldest brother to his boarding school.

My two little brother cried for about 30 minutes. They kept saying RABIT and MAMA.

My whole family is sad about this tragedy except for my eldest brother that doesn't know a clue about Rabit's death.

Today, when I see outside the front house, I keep imagining Rabit. Usually when I got nothing to do, I search for him to play with and now he is not here anymore.

No more hugging Rabit.
No more throwing Rabit into the air.
No more rubbing Rabit's soft tummy with my foot.
No more taking pictures of Rabit.
No more having Rabit's fur on my clothes.
No more seeing Rabit sitting in front the door.
No more seeing Rabit's emotionless expression.
No more seeing Rabit suddenly running up the stairs.
No more seeing Rabit sitting on his favourite spot inside the house.

haish.. Dah la aku buka blog amigas kat tab lain. Emo giler lagu.
Saje buat aku nangis...


Amigas said...

wlupn dia bkn kucg kte tp kte rse mcm sdih gler!!!!
accident ke?

syazaza ;] said...

yup. bibik kte ckp yg jiran kte bgtau kucing tu jatuh dlm kolam ikan jiran. tp yg kte geram.. boleh je diorg campak bangkai rabit kt dlm semak

Amigas said...

sbagai org yg penah kenal rabit dan penah pgang dia walaupun dgn hujung jari,
kite pun rase nak mnangis!!
erghh, sbb ni la kite mmg elakkan diri kite utk bela binatang..
tgk, walaupun bkn kite yg bela dia,bila kite baca tajuk awk je heartbeat kite dah laju thp maksimum.
spanjang kite baca post ni yg trbayang kat ingatan kite adalah,suara awk trjerit2 panggil dia and cara awk main2 dgn dia
(kite dpt rase betapa awk akn sgt rindukan tuk buat sume tu)
serius kite dah mula rase rindu nak dgr bunyi miow dia yg nakal tu.


Amigas said...

SYAZA! pehal lagu sedih sgt??!
smbil baca, smbil dgr irama sedih..
tetiba rasa mcm nak nangis jgk.

brsbr lah ye..
setiap yg dtg, pasti pergi...


syazaza ;] said...

huhu. btul ckp awk anis.

selalunye bila kte duk umah, bila kte teringat rabit je, kte terus cari dia kt luar umah. tp skarang xleh dah.

syazaza ;] said...

haha sarra,

saje balas dendam letak lagu sedih sbb blog korang pun lagu yg agak syahdu gak.