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Sunday, April 10, 2011

No Mom. Still didnt get my birthday gift

Have you read a post of mine about a birthday gift that I never received...?

Well.. guess what? Mama read about it DX
Oh no~~ the anxiety is coming back!!!!
Something similar have happened in the past and it was annoying and embarrassing...

So... how did I KNOW she read it?
We were in the car... coming home from watching movie.
And Mama was showing off her new hijab style to us and one of my lil brother said he likes it... and said that it was like Yuna's style.

So I mention one of my guy friends dont like me wearing a similar style and then Mama responded, "Kawan yang tak wish birthday tu ke??"

Hearing that, I was speechless. I think the best answer to that question would be silence.

A lot of things were running in my head. Actually i was thinking how she could read the blog...
Then I thought of HIM...
Ughhh... =.=

Great... My mom read about HIM...

Then a few days ago... We were in the car... going somewhere... oh, we were going to visit my eldest younger brother at his boarding school... Abah was talking about how girls in my lil brother previous was more beautiful and cute compared to the girls in the my brother's boarding school now.

So, I dont know how, Abah suddenly mentioned about me finding someone good looking and bla bla... Then Mama menyampuk asking how's the person yang tak wish birthday tu.

And I was like (=.=) ...
Then I teringat Mr Eddy Comel so I asked Abah, "Kalau orang macam Amin ok tak?"

FYI, i found that Mr Comel and my lil brother Amin were quite similar...
Both are kinda gelap, skinny, a bit adorable (lol) and petite...

And Abah said," Mesti la ok sebab Amin kan handsome macam Abah."

Hmm... ye la Abah... =.=

And takkan la I want to mention about HIM. Dah la I was uncertain about out future pastu sibuk nak tanya pula... Kalau tanya pun. takkan nak tanya macam ni;

"Abah, kalau that guy a bit poyo, sengal, x senonoh skit, pandai putar belit ayat, tapi kinda adorable in his own way, bersungguh-sungguh, doesnt smoke, takde temper sgt (kot), pandai buat kerja.... ok tak?"

Err.... I was doing the right thing to not mention HIM kan? =.=

Apa-apa pun you guys must be thinking that my parents are sporting part2 me in relationship with someone kan??? Hee Er... no they were not!


but Dont worry dear parents as your daughter is not interested in this kind of relationship... unless dah terjatuh... *gulp.

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