“Happiness depends upon ourselves.”

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Once again, my SUPER HIGH SPIRIT was ruined, Again.

Why am i so high-spirited and when i was let down or things didnt go the way i want it, my spirit fall down hard, really HARD.

Like today, after class I was so eager to go to bazaar ramadhan.

So yeah.. Semangat gila la solat asar petang tadi. Then siap2, i met my friend. Wow, she said nak pergi pukul 6 lebih and it was 5.15pm at that time.

Poor me.. There i was, so hungry and i want to buy food for break fast A.S.A.P. as i want to rest first before break fast.

And like always, i had to follow people's plan and i kind a was fed up.

So, bye bye Roti John. I only had kurma for today's breakfast, the first day of Ramadhan.

Hmm.. Hope you guys have a nice Ramadhan and do lots of ibadah :)

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nurul hidayah said...

haha kesian ko syaza...dugaan la tu maksudnyer..