“Happiness depends upon ourselves.”

Monday, August 9, 2010

Moody =____=

Yesterday.. After arrived to uia.. I.. Was.. Not in a good mood. What was the cause?

i didnt study at all last week, so when i am here in uia, ofcourse i want to study. But then there are my roomates. I dont know why but i feel uncomfortabe to study when they are around. Why? They WERE studying TOO. Maybe because, i need large space to study and we are sharing table and my part of the table isnt that spacey. So.. Yeah.. I prefer studying in the classroom. And the classrooms here in uia are availabe to be used at night. But then, i have no one to go with me.

And i didnt had dinner last night. Why? Because... Because i feel like such a loner when going out alone. I HATE IT.

So i kept feeling gloomy and decided to go to sleep around 11pm. Then someone called me and asked me to go down to the hall from level 4, with a box of fabrics which is quite heavy. But.. I HAD FUN clearing the stage in the hall. So later that night, i went 2 bed, without my bad mood :)

p/s: thanks anis for being caring for me. Sorry for posting all those weird creepy emo status last night

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