“Happiness depends upon ourselves.”

Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Hurricane

I don't want to be like the past me.
The past me that let her disappointment in others get the best of her.
The past me that gets upset because he didn't give her the attention that she craved.
The past me that will then start ranting and posting stuff on social media.

I hated when I do that and if I do want to rant, I'll always limit it to 2-3 posts only.
But sometimes I just lose control and this pulsing pain in my chest just wanted to pour out.

It's like a really bad hurricane and you just have to let it pass and anticipate the damage it'll cause afterward.

But after the hurricane has left, the sky would be clear and bright and you just gotta move on, I guess....

Am I making any sense??

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