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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Boxy Pencil Case

Makeup storage

Pencil case
Just some things I made.
The red part in the second picture was a CLOTH TAPE. I used it as a lining of my pencil case.
Got the inspiration here. Couldn't get hold of a duct tape actually so used cloth tape instead.
Did this pencil case without referring to any online tutorial. I feel awesome because it came out okay :D
This is the second pencil case that I've made.
à tout à l'heure.


D-SIM said...

jahit ke ?
ada ciri2 wanita idaman, :P

hypersyaza said...

Jahit sikit je. Sakit tangan nak masukkan benang mcm tali pancing tu ke dlm kain.

Eh. hihi :)