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Friday, August 6, 2010

Busy much??

This is is probably my busiest week (yet) in IIUM. Every night I got things to do... Dont have enough time to do revision... T.T

I'm quite free on this day. Wait. Was I?? =.=
Oh yeah, martial arts week started on this day. I went to capoeira booth on my free time. I've been attacked by a Salesman too while at there and he took 40minutes of my life to explain a product that I have no interest of buying =.=

Now I realised I'm feared of salesman.

Second day of Martial Art Week. I visited Capoeira booth. I feared if yesterday's salesman saw me =.=
Went to pasar malam. Then a friend told me there is meeting for the committees of Environment and Nature Club. What???!!! =.=

So I had Capoeira training and an important meeting at a same time. Hooray for me.
Then got an instant message saying the committees of Culture and Art Club (CAC) that are involved in Islamic Culture Night to meet in Al-Malik Faisal Hall (AMF) around 11.30 at night.
BUT!!!! the meeting started around 12.30 instead. GRRR.....

It is the last day of Martial Arts Week. Was so busy (bz skit jee) preparinf fot that night's event.
Curse the Engenius Meeting. Sebok je.
The event started at 9.30pm.
The Pantomime was The besstttt... haha

I thought i can rest, but Madame decided to have an extra class at 8pm. Already doing something else before that, decorating the stage in AMF for that night's event.
wahaha!!! BEST KENAKAN ORANG!!!!!

I had a blast of fun decorating the stage. never thought I could get along with Abg Firdaus, the president of CAC and Abg Afiq. Haha

Is today!!!! haha I'm HOMEE~
Birthday Mama kot hari ni. tak beli pape +.+

haha. Dah. Enough merepek. Assalamualaikum!!!!!


nurul hidayah said...

wow such a buzy girl....

syazaza ;] said...

tu la... adoi. sampai terabai skit pelajaran kott.... xbaik.. xbaik..

Amigas said...

sngal pny salesman
ckp jela awk dh ada brg dia tu

syazaza ;] said...

haha.. dia jual cd blaja inggeris la.. bende tu mahal kott.. beribu2.. nak kelentong mcm mana.. haha