“Happiness depends upon ourselves.”

Thursday, August 19, 2010

1 minute Happiness

I've just got a 1 minute of happiness.
Sir Ashraf gave it to me. Hihihi.

We met 'accidently' infront of the building where his room office is at. Haha.

Sneaky Me.. It wasnt a coincidence. I purposely waited in front of the building when i heard foot steps coming down the stairs while passing by the irkh building. It kinda echoed really loud.

I didnt know who it was, but i got a feeling it was him because he always goes to take wuduk and solat early. It was 1.20pm at that time.

So when we met, i just said hi and gave him one of my sweet smile. Huhu. (padahal tgh demam pastu lansung tak senyum sblm ni). Then i just stand there for two secs. Haha

To my suprise, Sir went chit chatting with me.
He STARTED CHIT CHATTING WITH ME!! He saw my phone and we chatted bout it while walking.

Huarghh! Alhamdulillah i'm having a fever. If not, i would become hyper. LOL


P/s: Sir was my Maths' lecturer but then he was switched with another lecturer T.T


Amigas said...

dia hnsem?

syazaza ;] said...

Er, ntah la. Org lain ckp dia hensem tp i like him sbb dia cheerful dlm kelas. Huhu